All about us

The LRS FACTORY (Locomotore Recording Studio) has worked successfully in the world of professional audio since 2000.
We are in the heart of Prati District, 1 km from Metro A Ottaviano close to Piazzale Clodio. The Studio has produced many important artistic collaborations by providing its clients with quality technical means and thorough onsite direction and support.


Mastering is the new punk!

I'm Luigi "D Lewis" Di Filippo, in the music biz since 1992. I signed as an artist more then 70 vinyls, 500 digital tracks, studio owner of LRS since 2000, I climbed all the steps, from live to recording, mixing and analog mastering. I have always been fascinated by the world of masteringfor its power to redesign frequencies and stereo images: "the mastering process can be as sweet as a caress, or asfearless as a Punk!".

Full analog mastering chain

Thanks to a "full analogue mastering grade" chain, I'm able to offer you maximum precision, guaranteeing transparency in the treatment of your mixes and complete regeneration for your dynamics and frequencies. Acoustic in my mastering room is excellent and I choose the 3-way speaker system produced by Amphion as the main monitor, Twin18 + Base Two 25, monitored by the 2400 Audio Imperium.


I have selected the best analog gears from Maselec, Prism, Dangerous, Solid State Logic, Tc Electronic, Waves, Bettermaker, Studer, Rupert Neve, Genelec, ProAc, Adam, Yamaha, Universal Audio, Maag, Lindell, Urei, Neumann, Sennheiser, Audio Tecnica, Electro Voice, Earthworx, Shure, Roland, Moog...and many more!

We are "audio descrizioni"!

We create audio descriptions and every service related to professional audio, backed by experience which has lasted for 20 years. We are quick, meticulous professionals who are attentive to your every need.


We had the pleasure to work with Francesco De Gregori, Karate, Turin Brakes, Carmen Consoli, Paola Turci, Max Gazze, Franco Battiato, Raiz, Mike Francis, Teresa De Sio, Fiorello, Pino Daniele, Pacifico, Lara Martelli, Nino Manfredi, Patty Pravo, Lento, Ufomammut, Dalek, Ardecore, Valeria Rossi, Blind Loving Power, Chrome Hoof, Nobukazu Takemura, Bloody Riot, Mats Gustaffson, Original Silence, Xabier Iriondo, Montecristo, Squartet, Pulvinar, Tony James, Michael Zerang, Dogon, Eugenio Finardi, Alex Baroni, Mauro Pagani, Carlo Verdone, Zu, The Kolors, Alessandra Amoroso, Annalisa, Drone 126, Franco 126, Ketama 126, Arisa, Jazz'o'Tech Records, PlsUk, Black Asteroid, Flynn Records, Rai, Emons, Audible, Ballandi, L'Orma, Warner... and many more


  • SERVICE: Descrizioni Audio, Vinyl Lab, Sincronismi, Zon Production, Midiware Proaudio, Midi Music, Braingasm Lab, Music Delivery, Milk Audio
  • EDUCATIONAL: Phonica School
  • RECORDING STUDIO: 24 Gradi, Soundwood, The Mob Studio, Load Studio, Toto Sound Studio, Studi Titania
  • RECORD SHOP: Goody Music


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